The character of any society can be measured by how it treats the weak and defenseless. READ MORE

Irish society has always been built on respect for one another and cohesion within communities. We look after the vulnerable. Unborn babies are among the most vulnerable and they need our protection.

The 8th Amendment helps create a society that looks for genuine alternatives to abortion. It is the standard by which a just society, a society that cares for all, can be measured. It is part of our cultural identity which signals to permissive abortion regimes that Ireland is a country based on justice, equality and community.

Ireland has always been an inherently individual nation with its own distinctive values. Proabortionists, Amnesty International and the U.N. have no respect for our values enshrined in our constitution.

If 1 in 5 babies were aborted here, as they are in Britain, that’s 20% fewer people. That’s fewer entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, teachers, engineers, poets, doctors and nurses.

In the spirit of the 1916 Proclamation, we must cherish all of the children of the nation equally. This is the fundamental principle on which Irish society was developed. Now it is time to defend this value.

Abortion is an attack on the fabric of our society. Stand with me to maintain our identity.


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