The Disenfranchised

Weak social capital is a major factor in a high rate of abortion. Social capital loosely means the support systems that help a person overcome a problematic event. READ MORE

Women who are already disadvantaged are more likely to feel they have no alternative to abortion when faced with a crisis pregnancy. Those who lack financial support depend more on family and community and are particularly vulnerable.

Family breakdown has been particularly prevalent in working class areas, leaving women with fewer support systems that would help them deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

Margaret Sanger, founder of the billion-dollar abortion organisation, Planned Parenthood, was a racist who believed in using eugenics to control the poor. Her ideology continues to inform the organisation she founded, as evidenced by the disproportionate locating of abortion clinics in low-income communities in the United States, especially African-American communities.

In Britain, 98% of abortions are taxpayer-funded and 1 in 3 are repeat abortions [Department of Health Abortion statistics]. If powerful lobbyists get their way and I am repealed, your money will be used to fund abortions in Ireland. It would be far better to use that revenue to provide equal opportunity for all our people in areas such as health, education and jobs.

If you believe in life, give it a chance.

I believe every single person born into this world, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, has inherent dignity and value. A government that promotes abortion is the enemy of its own people.

As recently as 2011, Fine Gael stated in its party manifesto that it would not legislate for abortion. Since coming into power, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has made it very clear that repealing the 8th Amendment is one of his priorities. Without the protection of the 8th Amendment, women who are already disadvantaged will be more vulnerable to finding themselves in a situation where abortion seems the first and only choice they have, when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

Every person born into the world, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, has inherent dignity and unlimited potential. Help me protect all people equally.


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